Altogether, Tj has over 35 years of teaching & performing experience. Tj received official certification from the New Hampshire Department of Education to teach in grades K-12 in the field of performing Arts. He has always been a proponent and pioneer in the field of integrated art curriculum. Using the Blues as an entry point into all subjects, Tj’s themes highlight connections to such courses as Social Studies, English, History, Math, and Eco Science & Art.

Tj performs on a variety of stringed instruments including a 1 string Diddly Bow, 3 string cigar box guitar, National Steel guitar, mandolin, New Orleans style tenor banjo, and he also has an unique Bluesy Jazzy approach to the 7 string guitar. Throw in a washboard played with tap shoes, a blue kazoo, and a voice that has a gumbo of influences ranging from Charles Brown to Mississippi John Hurt –  and you’ve got Tj…a one man Juke Joint!

In addition to Tj’s Blues in the Schools (BITS) program, Hope, Heroes and the Blues,  Tj offers integrated arts education programs to correctional facilities, special needs groups and adult education groups.

If you are interested in hearing more about these education programs, please contact Tj.