Nominate Taj Mahall for Presidential Kennedy Award

Hey y’all …I wanted to invite you to join me on a special project. I’m asking each & every one of you to help in an effort to have Taj Mahall receive, a long overdue, Presidential Kennedy Award. He truly is a living legend of Blues, & all related music He has been committed to playing forward the under recognized foundations of American music for over a half a century or so. The award is given annually and past recipients have included Sonny Rollins, BB King, Buddy Guy, and a plethora of other fantastic artists representing numerous performing arts genres.

I honestly can’t think of anyone more deserving of his generation for this honor than Taj. In the 60’s midst of Blues rock guitar pyrotechnics Taj relaxed and turned us on to his style of “Natchal Blues.” Not sitting on his laurels (or rusty dusty) he formed his big band with 4 tubas!! He was the father of the African diaspora World music movement in the mid 70’s, His solo country blues interpretations still carried Taj’s personal feel & style, over note for note imitations, he created an outstanding ‘children’s Blues album, his African and Hawaiian Cd’s were once again ahead of the international World Music curve. On & On he’s grooved us & moved us…He could of gone the guitar hero route but instead moved the WORLD to all the possibilities & diversity that groove music can take us to.

Here is a quote I love from him in 1999 “The Blues for me is basically ancestor worship in the sense of accessing the great things that ancestors have done.” Well he certainly has passed that on to millions with his constant touring, While many of his generational peers and younger have eclipsed him, as far as super stardom goes, Taj (sometimes without even a record label) never let up, he’s kept his visionary, eyes on the prize, spreading the love and music in his imitable style ( that is recognizable within a few notes no matter what instrument he plays!!!)

Here is the link to their web site There is a form titled “Submit a Kennedy Center Honors Recommendation.” They will ask you why Taj should receive this honor. I’m sure all of you can think of a plethora of your own reasons, but feel free to C & P from my original post .if you didn’t receive it, you can find it below. Thanks and please spread the word by sharing.

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